Be Observant

This is one of the most important tips that should be learned and used. When you take the time to sit back and observe someone you learn things. You can learn things that could have taken weeks, months, or years to find out. For example if you are with a friend and he/she is interacting with an associate that you are not too close with pay close attention to how they treat this person. If they seem caring or interested in what this person is doing or feeling in their face, but turns around and drags them through the mud to you when that other associate is not around; this is someone that you need to keep your eye on. This where you question well hell if this person can talk crap about their “friend” like this when he/she isn’t around what are they saying about me when i’m not around?” BE CAUTIOUS . Open your eyes for this could be the first sign to seeing how this person’s true colors begin to show. A situation like this usually shows up in the beginning stages of forming the friendship.


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