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Decision Was Made For Me

Life is full of decisions. Tough ones and easy ones. Decisions are things that we are forced to make. Some are more easier to make than others, but when you come across a someone that potentially has your heart and you have other obligations to fulfill in comes the tough choice. Sometimes decisions are made for you, and that can be the hardest part of it all.

Three months does not seem like a long time to most; however, when talking to someone with the understanding of forming a relationship a lot of emotions happen during those 90 days. I go by this timeline that has not failed me yet although I wish it would. During the first 90 days of getting to know someone is trial period. Everything that person says or does is taken with a grain of salt.

I use to talk to this guy who fit the criteria of a good guy. He was taking care of business, had his own, he was sweet. We talked for almost three months. We were right at the cut off point and I was ready to make a decision to move forward with him when I find out that he was in a relationship already. In that moment when I found out a tough decision was made for me. I could not contiune to talk to him. Of course I really liked him and I didn’t want to believe that he was capable of doing what he did, but apparently he was.

People can only go so long with out showing the real them. All it takes is a little time.


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