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Repeat No More!!

Hello fellow readers and bloggers!! Happy August!! Today i’m going to be talking about repetition, and how you need to stop doing it pertaining to the people you hang around.

Everyone had that one friend that has the significant other that does not treat them the best. This friend of course comes to you telling what happened and asking you what they should do. Here’s some advice for you. Don’t give them any other than to pray about it and let God, or whatever higher power they believe in to show them the way. Why? Because at the end of the day your friend is going to do whatever they want to. Okay say for the past three years this friend and their significant other has done everything under the sun to them, and you’ve said more than once to them tht=at maybe the person they are with is not the one for them. Of course the friend may listen and feel that way for a day or two tops, but always ends up going back. You must be careful. After a while your friends problems and issues will consume your life and it does not have anything to do with you. To keep you stress free and your sanity in tact do not repeat what you’ve already told them a thousand times. When they come to you with problems say things like “Really?” or “I can’t believe that happened.” This keeps the friendship together and you free to deal with things that you have to do.


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