My Goals for the future

I graduate from college with a bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies this December. I have no idea what career field to go into seeing how my degree can be taken to any field. Graduation is fast approaching and I’m not sure what I wan to do. I have been writing down a few goals I want to accomplish before my lease is up at my apartment. I want to share my list so far

1.) Have a job by the time I graduate (involving my degree in some way if possible)

2.) Have a vehicle

3.) Get a credit card and build up my credit

4.) Have an affordable apartment

5.) Possibly go back to school to get a concentration in something

6.) Add more frequently to my savings account

This is just a start of the things that I absolutely have to get done. Some seem a bit difficult because, I am doing it all on my own and unlike most of college peers I do not have a parent that is able to do things for me. I’m no stranger to struggle and I can’t wait until I get to the point where I won’t have to anymore, and also make sure my mother does not either.


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