Friendships Can’t be Forced

Hello everyone I wanted to talk about an issue that has been popping up more than usually. If you are not careful this could ruin whatever bond you have with anyone.


This happened to me while I was a sophomore at my first college. An old friend and I had a mutual acquaintance. I had a situation with this mutual acquaintance before where any hope of us becoming friends was thrown the wayside. I made it clear to my now old friend that we will not get along and that I would appreciate it if we were not in the same environment with one another. Now this old friend decided to take it upon herself to try to make me hang around her anyway. One day me and the old friend was just going to go walking to a nearby park. Now we are walking and catching up with each other and this mutual acquaintance comes out of no where  talking about fancy seeing ya’ll here. By this point I had figured out what was going on and I was not pleased.

My old friend then tells me that she invited her there so that we can squash whatever was going on between us. This ended up blowing up in her face, because the acquaintance and I just really did not mesh well together, so at the end of the day I ended up not cool with the old friend anymore, because she did not respect my feelings; however, I knew that she did not get along with my roommate at the time, so I made sure not hang with both at the same time. I did not understand why she could not do the same for me, and it ultimately ruined the friendship.

You can’t force someone to get along with someone else just, because you want them to. There is a difference between people being cordial with one another if they have to, or if they are in the same circle. Now if the only connection that either person has is you and you only it’s simple. Don’t put them around one another. If you do it anyway and the feelings have been expressed to you then you come off as messy and then you could be without one or both friends.


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