My Ideal Reader

Hello!! I am still muddling through, but I have an idea of the direction I want my blog to go, and who I want it to reach.

I want my ideal reader to be anyone who is trying to make a change in their life. Someone who is going from the transition from college to real world. Someone who is maybe in a place of questioning intentions of others, or someone who maybe been through different things in relationships, or trying to form relationships. I wan to be able to reach people who can learn from my experiences. There are many things that I have experienced and been through that can help someone who has been through the same, is currently going through the same, or better yet can prevent them from going through the same things.

I want to be  able to help others who are thinking about furthering their education. Let them what to expect when transferring to  a new school. Being able to help someone get through tough times, or help set goals for themselves is all I want to do. That is my ideal reader.

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