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Friend Vs Friend & Boyfriend

Hello!! I wanted to share with you all a personal story and a bit of advice that can hopefully save you from a lot of drama and a headache.

While I was enrolled in my first college I met this one girl, we’ll call her Darla, through a mutual acquaintance during my first semester freshman year. Now when I met Darla she was going through somethings with her boyfriend. We’ll call him Evan. At that particular time in life I was very naive, so I was a sucker for someone with a sob story. Darla was going through it with Evan and lended an ear. That lended ear turned into a friendship. We would go to eat together, study together, and even had some classes together. Darla broke her phone and it was going to take some time for her to get her a new one, so being the good friend that I was I allowed her to use my phone whenever she wanted. Here’s where the conflict comes in. One day I get a text message from an unknown number asking for Darla and they couldn’t find her. Now here’s where the problem comes in. I had a roommate that had the same name as Darla that I also let use my phone. I text the number back asking which one were they looking for, and letting them know that I had a roommate that has the same name. A logical question I thought.

The person text back very rudely “Which one do you think dumbass bitch my girlfriend” From this moment I can tell now that it was Evan, but I did not appreciate the disrespect, so I let his ass have it. I mean I cussed him out with every word I could think of. I was so livid seeing how I never met Evan (went to a different school) a day in my life. Now by this time Darla had her a new phone, so not even 2 minutes later I get a phone call from Darla and she is upset with me, because I had an attitude with Evan. Then she and I got into a huge argument, and our friendship was not the same afterwards.

Now here’s the advice. Limit your helping hand. Do not be so quick to be there for someone, because you feel bad that they are down on their luck. Also keep a tight lock on your cell phone. If you haven’t been friends with this person for a good amount of time cell phone use should be limited, or not used at all. Most importantly STAY OUT OF ALL AND ANY RELATIONSHIPS THAT YOUR FRIENDS ARE IN. I PROMISE YOU THEY WILL CHOOSE THE BOYFRIEND’S SIDE EVERYTIME NO MATTER WHAT THE FACTS ARE!!!! Especially if you haven’t been friends long.

I wish I could say that I learned my lesson dealing with Darla, but this incident wasn’t the last. There will be more post about the things this toxic friendship. That I promise.

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