Progress Report & New Weekly Goals

PROGRESS REPORT TIME!!!! Here is an update of my goals from the week before and some new ones for the up coming week.

If you would like a refresher of my first set of goals then please click on the link below:


Progress Report

Now I started off with  a very short list of goals, and one would think that I would be able to accomplish a bit more than what I have. My score for my 1st goals of the week is a 50%


Well quite a bit has happened to me this past week. I’ve been waiting on a new bank card, because my other one has been stolen, school has been extremely busier than usual due to drop/add, and of course work takes up time as well. Next week has to be better than this……

New & Not So New Weekly Goals!!!

  1. Pay Graduation fee & Cap and Gown fee
  2. Work out at least two days for a minimum of an hour
  3. Balance school & work to help prevent being over whelmed
  4. Sit down with a someone at the career center to improve resume

Weekly Goals 2 (blog).gif

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