Goals For The Week!!

Hello all!! I know I’ve fallen behind on posting my weekly goals. Life has definitely gotten in the way, but I am definitely going get back to my regular schedule.


This weeks goals, or should I say my goals for the next couple weeks are very important and have to be completed. No matter what.

1.) RSVP for December commencement: Graduation is right around the corner and I have decided to walk, so filling out the necessary paperwork is at the top of the list

2.) Order Cap and Gown: Seeing as I was struggling with the decision to walk across the stage and receive my degree I did not place the order for this and unless I want to walk across in a dress then this is the second most important thing to do

3.) Pass all classes with a C or better: This is my last semester and I did not need either one of the classes that I am currently taking, so I have not put in as much effort as I should have, so now I need to put in all my effort and then some.


I have no room procrastinate anymore. This is make or break and I hope I can complete that 3rd goal more than anything!!!


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