Come Along With Me!!!

Welcome To 2017!!!!

Happy New Years!!! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their holiday!! It’s a new year so that means that it is a new start. Let’s not go into the New Year with any doubts or negativity, but with determination, plans, and confidence.


Last year was filled with mixed emotions. There were happy times as well as not so happy times. The amount of growth I’ve reached in that year is great. I’m learning to carve my own path and not let others do it for me, I’ve learned that I shouldn’t put any effort into any bond with anyone who isn’t willing to do the same, I’ve learned to continue working on letting the little things go, and I’ve also learned, but still learning that giving out a second chance doesn’t mean that it will pointless in every time.

Going through the things I went through last year has me reflecting and making a new plan for what I want to happen for me in this New Year. The plan goes like this…..

1)  Put more time into the things I enjoy


This plan I have is for my happiness.This year is going to be more about me, and what I want to do. The things I was too afraid to do I’m going to do it. I am going to use this year to get myself together. I’m fresh out of college and I have an opportunity to use what I am passionate about to be something I could turn into a business. Life is about taking risk, and quite a few will be taken this year.

My Happiness is what I’m going to make happen in 2017

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