Come Along With Me!!!


Hello Everyone!!! Hope you all are having a fantastic day!!! I have ┬ámade social media accounts for my blog to try to separate it from my personal social media accounts. You all can find me at: Facebook: Pintrest: Amiable Empath Google+: Amiable Empathblog And my new e-mail: If you would like please follow…… Continue reading Update!!!


Saying Those 3 Words

“I Love You” The three words that can change everything. “I Love You” The three words that you don’t want to say too early, you don’t want to be first to say, but you want to hear these words from your special someone. These three words are beautiful, but also dangerous. Is There A Time…… Continue reading Saying Those 3 Words


The Ultimate Goal of A Relationship

There is nothing that no one does throughout life that doesn’t have a goal at the end. When you go through school the ultimate goal is to get a degree, or certification. When you get job,no matter the level the ultimate goal is to be financial stable. There are ultimate goals that many of us…… Continue reading The Ultimate Goal of A Relationship


It’s The Best Thing

Being in a relationship is a rollercoaster that never ends. You’re going to go up, down, side to side, and around in circles. It can be a pleasant experience, as well as a hard learning experience. Today I want to talk about a pleasant experience. Not just any pleasant experience, but the best thing you…… Continue reading It’s The Best Thing


Who To Listen To

Hello Everyone!! Before I get into today’s content I would like to thank you for reading and to ask you to please follow me on: Instagram: amiableempath Facebook: I will make sure to follow you back!! Now onto today’s content!!! When you are in a relationship with someone you are going to go through…… Continue reading Who To Listen To